Fall at the Lake

Next Blog Post – Extra days!

Hey all – I am grading Book reviews now – excellent work so far! I am also thinking about everything going on – if you need some extra days for this:

Please take them!! Let’s give ourselves some breathing room this semester. I am already knocked out by your work. 🙂

Image: Morning hike – look at the fall colors already showing in northern Michigan!

23 thoughts on “Next Blog Post – Extra days!

  1. Ashley Loria

    @michael I really do echo everyone’s sentiments about your empathy. I feel like I’ve been having a hard time staying on top of everything- this is my second semester taking two classes while working full-time and every now and then I just feel like my head is spinning. I can’t imagine what my California classmates are dealing with right now with the fires, and the world is just…chaos at the moment. Thank you for giving us some time to breathe- it truly is acknowledged and appreciated.

  2. Cathryne Ramirez

    As everyone else has said, thank you for the extra time @michael! This week has been very crazy. Definitely felt that earthquake here in California earlier in the week. My library system has also been prepping for a soft reopening this coming Tuesday… so that’s been a bit stressful, too.

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