2 thoughts on “News Piece About Libraries in NH

  1. Charlie Harmon

    So cool. I really appreciated the points on no longer “shushing” people–it’s great that more and more libraries are moving away from more punitive (if seemingly innocuous) policies. When I worked as a library aide in a public library, I loved it when my shelving time synced up with a read to the dog appointment. Oftentimes, the kids who wanted to read to the dog were very shy or self-conscious about mispronouncing a word. The dog, of course, is an attentive listener who won’t point out mistakes. It was very sweet. As a complete side note, I thought the record scratch moment about the historic building being modern was going to juxtapose a 19th century portrait with some BDSM poetry anthology or something (which I would’ve loved), but the renovations to the building are lovely.

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