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Hi all – This is just for interest. Last June, I attended Next Library in Aarhus. I wrote a column about a session I co-presented and was interviewed by a Danish publication:

Library Journal – Office Hours | With a Little Twist

Carlson then shared her own story to open her part of the session. As the mother of two autistic boys, her work at Yarra has focused on inclusivity and creating a space for all types of children to enjoy stories. The Sensitive Storytime program affords all children, including those on the spectrum, a chance to participate. (Another initiative from Yarra—the Sensitive Santa program—shows how a library can provide a cherished holiday memory for children who might not be comfortable seeing Santa at a crowded mall.) The emotion in the room was palpable. Tip to presenters: be yourself, share your story honestly, and your audience will be right there with you.


Challenged but not dying, the public libraries are more relevant than ever


“Libraries can push back against fear with the power of free information and a space that says no matter who you are, you are welcome.”


Image: Aarhus in the evening.

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