New Chat! Assignment Q & A

March 5 – Assignment Q & A Session for Planning, Director’s Brief & Symposium, 1pm PT.

Greetings – I thought it would be fun to have a Q & A session on the rest of the assignments. This will be informal and a good way to discuss the rest of the major assignments. The session will be recorded. I’ll do a “Ask a Question” post as we get closer.

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

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  1. Profile photo of Katy GoKaty Go

    Hi @Michael,

    Unsure if I’m able to participate this Sunday so just in case, thought I’d run something by you. This is all still very nebulous in my mind but I am interested in exploring technologies that may be relevant to special libraries, particularly a law library. I’ve arranged to meet with a law librarian within my org and pending the outcome of that meeting I’m thinking I may need to speak generally when referencing existing practices or technologies to provide context for my suggestions. I don’t want to have to wrangle permissions or risk exposing any proprietary information so I just thought I’d clear my plan with you and make sure it’s okay if I’m intentionally vague when providing certain contextual information.


  2. Profile photo of Michael StephensMichael Stephens Post author

    Absolutely fine. You can make the setting and context fictional if that works for you. More concerned about the specifics of the assignment s, RE: planning or scanning the current environment (Director’s Brief). Don’t hesitate to send questions anytime!

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