New Article on Librarian’s Professional Learning Experiences

Hello – Just for interest: I am thrilled to have a new article published this month.

The Strategic, Curious & Skeptical Learner : Australian Public Librarians and Professional Learning Experiences

This study used narrative inquiry to investigate the experiences of Australian public librarians with professional learning and development. Twelve librarians currently working in public libraries in Australia were interviewed. The interviews revealed stories that depicted the real experiences of professional learn- ing for the librarians. These stories are represented in this paper via two components: five critical insights; and three personas. The five critical insights include: (i) there is not enough profes- sional learning experiences (PLE) or learning culture in their library; (ii) PLE must be sought out personally and a major portion of PLE has to happen on their own time; (iii) PLE is primarily found online, and that utilizing social media is a crucial way to find PLE opportunities; and (iv) PLE opportu- nities are wanted. The three personas were articulated to best typify the different experiences of the Australian public librar- ians: the Strategic Learner, the Curious Ad Hoc Learner, and the Skeptical Learner. The study’s findings have implications for how public libraries in Australia can support and enable a culture of professional learning and development.

Download here:The Strategic Curious Skeptical Learner Australian Public Librarians and Professional Learning Experiences

10 thoughts on “New Article on Librarian’s Professional Learning Experiences

  1. Rachael Londer

    Congratulations!! I am curious if Australia is a leader in public libraries and librarianship because of ALIA? I have read multiple articles highlighting Australia and it prompted me to wonder why? In further research, I learned that they have a national library system. Is that what makes them so interesting to study? Just wanted to learn more about why you focused on Australia for this article.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @rachaellonder hi there. It goes all the way back to 2008 when I was invited to Australia to do a talk called the hyperlinks Library in five major cities across the country. The Australians knew of my work on my blog and in print and wanted to bring me over to discuss all of my ideas about social media and similar. The following year I was invited back to be a visiting scholar and do learning 2.0 research with academic and public librarians across the country. I returned in 2018 as a visiting scholar again at the University of Queensland and we did this research project as part of my sabbatical in 2018.

      And why Australia? It is an amazing place and I will go back any chance I can get.

  2. Anita Bowen

    Thanks for sharing this article, and congratulations! I’m always so appreciative when an academic article is accessible, so thanks for that too. I agree with Sarah, that is was fun to see myself in the personas. Also it is informative for me (since I have not yet worked at a public library) to understand some of the issues around getting PLE for librarians.

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