12 thoughts on “Never Break the Chain

      1. Chad Deets

        @michael My thing is… they’re not going to be doing this for a lot longer. Christine is FINALLY back and then this… They need to end on a good note (meaning their relationships amongst each other, not the band itself). I’m sure it’s not the same. I actually don’t love that many of his songs, but Bleed To Love Her is one of my favorites.

        1. Michael Stephens Post author

          @chaddeets I agree with you.. and Lindsey addressed it in his missives to the band about it being close to the end. I am all about LB’s Tusk work, the big songs from FM and Rumors, and some of the solo stuff. Then there is the production value..Sara wouldn’t be Sara without his touch. I wonder if we see a resolution.

          1. Julieanne R.

            @michael I have too many favorites! Dreams, Rhiannon, Gypsy, Landslide, Songbird, Sara, The Chain, Tusk, Say You Love Me, Seven Wonders. Admittedly, I do have a tendency to gravitate towards songs that are Stevie-heavy. How about you? What are your favorites? 🙂

          2. Michael Stephens Post author

            @julieanne Oh boy! Top SN faves are Sara, Dreams, Storms, Gypsy and all the rest. I have a special fondness for That’s Allright too.

            I am all about Tusk – almost every song. If you can track down the deluxe edition, there’s alternate versions of songs that are amazing. Angel!

            Tango also has a special place – summer of 1987 was the summer of Tango in the Night. I love Everywhere so much..always lifts my spirits.

            I’ll come back to Sara to say it’s a song I listen to a lot to center myself or let go after a stressful day. There’s a live version in the Tusk deluxe that is amazing.

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