Maus & Book Banning

Hey all – I posted about this in the Hyperlinked Newsroom group but this Twitter thread is absolutely compelling to me. Please take a look if you can. I think you all may encounter waves of book banning in your careers and it’s good to understand where this comes from.The Hyperlinked Library is all about participation and connections around ideas, knowledge and people. This example (and other recent book bans, etc) goes against everything this class is about.

8 thoughts on “Maus & Book Banning

  1. Christina Perucci

    I have been thinking about this all week after hearing about Maus, and another book/curriculum challenge in a different Tennessee country ( In the latter case, the group behind the challenge is Moms for Liberty, a very well-funded group that began in Florida and now has chapters all over the US. Many of my friends back home in Virginia (yes, even in very liberal Northern Virginia) have been dealing with an uptick in challenges – and now have a governor who basically ran on the CRT panic.

    My biggest question this week is who is combatting groups like Moms for Liberty? I really doubt the effectiveness of simply organizing “Banned Books Week” at libraries. These groups have boots on the ground – running for school boards and city councils and attending school board meetings to voice their opinions. Where is the organized effort to get boots on the ground fighting for access?

    (sorry for all the war metaphors, but it does feel a bit like a war).

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