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For those at the Michael Casey chat and those who may watch recording, he sent this today:

Enjoy a private screening of “Lillian Smith: Breaking the Silence”. Lillian Smith was one of the first white southern authors to speak out against white supremacy and segregation. Available 9/20-9/27

A child of the South, she was seen as a traitor to the South for her stance on racial and gender equality. A friend of Eleanor Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, Jr., she used her fame after writing a bestselling novel (“Strange Fruit”) to denounce the toxic social conditions that repressed the lives and imaginations of both blacks and whites. With her lifelong partner Paula Snelling, she educated privileged white girls at her summer camp in north Georgia and tried to open their minds to a world of compassion and creativity.

“Breaking the Silence” will explore how this child of the South became a formidable voice of the South — a voice that has been muted in the decades after her death.

Just as important, we’ll show her relevance today as we face a rising tide of intolerance and discrimination throughout the world.

Click the link to enter the private screening from September 20 thru September 27:

*Adult Programming

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  1. Kay Wolverton Ito

    @michael, please let Michael Casey know I really appreciate his following up about this. Yesterday’s discussion was a welcome hour of interaction that isn’t often possible in our LIS program. If I could relocate, I would definitely reach out to Michael Casey as he would be wonderful to work with/for. I was very briefly taken aback a bit by his invitation for “young” librarians to consider working at Gwinnett, but luckily he clarified what he meant. Truly I was laughing because I knew what he meant, but still…I may have the enthusiasm and (hopefully) energy of a newly minted librarian come graduation, but I couldn’t be referred to as a “young librarian.” Pretty funny.

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