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Hey all – As we move toward the end of class, some of you may be thinking about exploring global issues in hyperlinked libraries. Don’t miss this new site LIBRARY PLANET from Christian Lauersen of Roskilde Libraries and Marie Engberg Eiriksson of Gladsaxe Libraries, Denmark.

Library Planet is like a crowdsourced Lonely Planet for libraries of the world meant to inspire library travelers to open the awesome book that is our world of libraries, cities and countries. We want to give you a guide to the world of libraries.

Everybody can contribute to Library Planet. See how here:

AND do not miss checking in with Christian’s work:

Twitter: @clauersen
Instragram: @librarylovestories 

The Library Lab Blog This post is amazing: Let’s Dance.

Here’s a column of mine at Library Journal that also features Christian Lauersen:

The World Spins

Lauersen and Eiriksson agreed, writing, “If we all went about creating libraries in our own silos, we would miss many great opportunities.” Of course, we need global library collaboration on the formal level to ensure we have solid platforms to discuss and develop libraries, to advocate for our services, and to influence decision-makers. We also need to encourage global librarianship on a level that reaches all. I’m thinking of the benefits for LIS students, library staff, and other stakeholders of spending some time as virtual library tourists.

Visit Library Planet.

Image: Nyhavn. 🇩🇰 #copenhagen #denmark

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  1. Marc Mazique

    Echoing how cool this is. My LIS education has made me excited to visit libraries in other countries as part of my international travel plans (whenever we can do that again)! This is a good helpful guide; I’m going to follow on Instagram.

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