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Reminder: Fluid Dates & Exploring the Modules


Do not fret about the due dates – we can be a bit more fluid.  If you need a couple of extra days please take them. We can be fluid between now and the first week of December. It is also fine to work ahead.

I want you all to enjoy your explorations in future modules and your work on the deliverables. The most important thing for me is all of you having time to explore and craft your final deliverables as your time allows. Contact me any time with questions or leave a comment below.

Remaining Assignments & Suggested Action Items

Reflection Blogging Due Dates:

➡️➡️ Work on these as you time permits. Enjoy the CYOA Learning stuff – it’s some of my favorites. Publish the two posts by the end of November or so. After that, submit your main blog URL to Canvas for grading. 

Participation Blogging: (Part of participation grade)

➡️➡️ Feel free to combine the final reflection into your symposium entry. Just let me know that you are doing that. 

Major Assignment Due Dates: 

➡️➡️ Turn the Brief in anytime up until the end of class. The symposium can go up anytime 5/10 or beyond! Note: all assignments must be in by the last day of class.

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