22 thoughts on “I call this video “Snow Day”

  1. Peggy H

    I don’t think I could describe the sound snow makes under boots on a cold winter day but hearing the noise, even without seeing the video – brings me back to very cold mornings waiting for the school bus in Massachusetts.

  2. diana

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Winter! Look at those gorgeous trees. And the crunch-crunch of the snow under your feet. I love. Here it’s gray and rain rain rain. Does Coop play in the snow?!

    1. Lisa Semenza

      I am in Aurora, NY! We have been having wildly variable weather and many “snow” days but some of them have been for extreme cold or ice. Watching this video reminds me of how much I have missed snow shoeing the past couple of years. We just got out of the habit of doing it but also many times if we have deep enough snow to do it the temperatures are below zero and I just say “no” to that degree of coldness. Then we have had a lot of rain in between snow storms so everything turns to ice or washes away. I am so into hibernation mode this year it isn’t funny.

  3. Karen Thompson

    I loved the video! I lived in Lake Tahoe for seven years and I loved the snow. There is nothing like the sound of snow crunching under your boots and the quiet, peaceful sounds of nature when taking a winter walk. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Mao Vang

    I was recently visiting a ski resort and the snow storm was so bad, so many cars stuck & it was just so white from the snow, could barely see where you were going. After it calmed down, it was so beautiful and the fresh air! Looked exactly like in your video! I had a great time even tho the ski chairs were closed.

      1. Lisa Semenza

        Oh, we’re pretty hearty too. You need to be in the Syracuse region where we are at the top of the list for least amount of sun in any given year and win the “golden snowball” for most amount of snow in the state often. But, people just feel the need to put in the disclaimer. My thoughts after that are usually “obviously” but I usually don’t say that our loud 🙂

        1. Heather Canfield

          @lisasemenza I had never experience the intense competition to be the snowiest city until I moved to Erie, PA for college. I had never experienced quite this much snow, either 🙂 Growing up in Colorado and South Dakota I thought I knew what winter was but I’m still amazed by the amount of snow we get in this area of the country.

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