Heading to the U.K.

Greetings all! I mentioned this in our class chat, but here is a video about my travels:


Download Video  Podcast

Our next due dates for reflection blogging and major assignments:

  • Context Book Report: 10/02. — Feel free to turn this in by 10/09 if you can use the extra time – think of it as an available extension as needed.
  • Reflection on Hyperlinked Environments OR New Models: 10/09 —  For this reflective post, please turn in anytime the week of the 10th –  think of it as an available extension as needed.😀

Image: Double rainbow over St. Paul’s in October 2011.

12 thoughts on “Heading to the U.K.

  1. Taylor Kaplan

    Another serious leisure Costco enthusiast, here. I ordered the Kirkland Signature logo hoodie from the Costco webstore a while back, and it is, bar none, the most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. Long live Costco!

    Also, this sounds like an amazing, well-deserved trip. Congrats, and enjoy!

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