2016 Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

Hey all –  I spent two days in Fall 2016 at Gwinnett to speak at the library’s Staff Day. I recorded a short travelogue about their innovative services for this class and my INFO 200 class. Now – it feels a little bit like a totally different time but you may find it of interest.

This is an optional recording but if you have 12 minutes please take a look. The initiatives GCPL has going are very interesting. Again, optional!

View the recording here.

Download the slides here.


2 thoughts on “2016 Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

  1. Eileen Wu

    Some takeaways from the video of Dr. Stephens’ visit to Gwinnett County Public Libraries are: the heart of librarianship is learning and supporting our user’s curiosity through every means possible. GCPL has interesting programs which are giving me ideas for the Planning and Director’s Brief assignments. The rolling computer kiosk is innovative and it seems to make reference librarians’ jobs different, in that they can look for people who may need assistance instead of waiting for a patron to approach a reference desk. Also, the reference librarian can seem more at the same level as patrons, as they sit down next to someone, and help with information needs. The idea of a staff blog is Library 2.0 as the blog is a means to finding out what views and interests of the staff are which can help the staff improve services and stay up to date on users’ needs.

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