Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

Hey all – Michael Casey will be joining us for a class chat on February 21. He is Director of Customer Experience for the Gwinnett County Public Library in metropolitan Atlanta.  I spent two days in Fall 2016 at Gwinnett to speak at the library’s Staff Day. I recorded a short travelogue about their innovative services for this class and my INFO 200 class. This is an optional recording but if you have 12 minutes please take a look. The initiatives GCPL has going are very interesting. Again, optional!

View the recording here.

Download the slides here.


2 thoughts on “Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

  1. Tiffney

    This is great, thank you for sharing! You are absolutely right, there are so many cost-effective things we could be doing to engage the patrons more (e.g. staff recommendations, a feedback board, etc.). We recently had the first ever Staff Development Day at the Los Angeles Public Library. There were 1200 people in attendance and I think a poster session, similar at Gwinnett’s Staff Day, would have been a great way to learn what is going on at other branches. It would also be a great icebreaker for meeting co-workers we rarely get to see.

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