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Hey all – @bekah mentioned US Library Twitter in her recent blog post.

To be honest—and, yes, very much thinking out loud here—my creating a second, more professional/scholarly Twitter account in order to get on the LIS side of Twitter in my first semester at the iSchool, and what I’ve learned in that hyperlinked Twitterverse space since, has felt like one of the biggest deterrents to my now-lapsed desire to be a public library worker, or even a librarian in general. The overwhelming sense I’ve gotten from Library Twitter is of a bunch of very tired, very disillusioned library workers who had beautiful intentions and brilliant ideas of what library service could be, and are now very exhausted—compounded by pandemic conditions—and nearly all on the verge of quitting their jobs and/or leaving the profession altogether, or are enormously relieved to have finally done so. Yikes.

My thought was to look outside the US for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites from Twitter and other sites. Please share if you follow any global library inspiration type accounts in the comments below. I will do the same.





8 thoughts on “Global Library Twitter & More

  1. Gabrielle Bates

    @bekah I noticed when I returned to my library volunteer shift that some of the regular librarians and staff were missing. Found out in order to keep a salary they were reassigned to work Covid sites. They checked people in all day. I never would have considered that part of the librarian role but here we are.

  2. Kristen Snyder

    Yeah, librarian twitter has sounded tired, and somewhat burned out by the pandemic. I can’t really blame them when they’re made to take on a number of the pandemic burdens. (I wonder how homelessness impacted by pandemic, given how homelessness is partially relegated to the public libraries, is factoring in.)

    @gabriellesvbates when I was a volunteer Case Investigator/Contact Tracer (CICT) for Santa Clara County when they first got started on the new state platform in May 2020, more than half of the county-supplied government CICTs were librarians reassigned via the Disaster Service Worker (DSW) program. For the first two months, as they kept trying to onboard more CICTS (volunteer and reassigned DSWs), both volunteers and formal DSWs were working together in the same teams, and my librarian teammates were not happy. Especially my team leader. The ease with which it was possible to reassign people for however long they determined has made me a little concerned about pursuing public librarianship over medical librarianship. I burned out as a volunteer at just over 4 months (volunteer rotations were supposed to be 3-6 months. DSWs were 6+ months, I think not to exceed a year). I can’t imagine how that would have gone if I’d been forced to stay longer. Granted, being paid might have helped me stay to 6 months without burning out too badly, but still…

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