Everyone Settled? Quick Check In

Hey all – just a check in to make sure everyone is settled and comfortable in the course site.  We are going to be moving very quickly for the next few weeks, covering a lot of content in the modules,  and getting behind can be problematic. Contact me if you have questions!


14 thoughts on “Everyone Settled? Quick Check In

  1. diana

    I am loving this class so much! Working on my book review and am finding it hard to pare down what I want to say, haha! @michael have you ever considered a career as a counselor of some kind? Watching your videos restores my faith in humanity! and the internet! and all the library-related things!

  2. Lisa Semenza

    I too have been loving this class so far. I will be working on my blog post this weekend but have it all worked out in my head and I am really enjoying the book I have chosen even though I am not quite finished with it yet. I think I have a good handle on where things are located on the website and I am so glad I have started using Feedly to keep up on all the blog postings.

      1. Karah Iansito

        @michael it shows! I can’t believe how much more user-friendly than Canvas this has been. Thank you! So far, so good with the work flow/load. I had a personal hurdle this week with bout of flu in our house (dispite flu shots all around in the fall), but everyone is on the mend, and I don’t anticipate a problem keeping up as of now.

  3. Kim Chu

    I’m finally getting into rhythm of things and am feeling less overwhelmed with assignment due dates. Also I got my book but I’m not loving it ahah. I think there are some good points so I’ll probably still use it for my context book report though…Hope everyone else is settling in alright.

  4. Peggy H

    @knchu and @michael…I am so glad you posted that you did not like your book for the Context book report. I don’t like mine either. I started out, enjoying it and even recommending it but by chapter 4, this book veered and at least, so far has not gotten back to where it should be. I decided to keep with it because I want to see where it will go and I took so many notes, some with lots of question marks interspersed.

      1. Peggy H

        Hi @michael. Thank you but I am keeping my book – mostly because I want to talk about comparing leaders and fountains. Yup, try as I might I just cannot make the comparison. Well, unless I say leaders are all wet or leaders are bubbly. I have a lot to say about this book:)

  5. Greta Snyder

    Hi! I am with @karah2019 – the ability to interact and the clarity of this website is much more conducive to open communication and accessing information in comparison Canvas. Thank you for putting in the hard work to create a uniquely engaging online learning environment:)

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