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Hey all – Dr. Lili Luo asked me to write up a piece about my book Wholehearted Librarianship last spring. Take a look if you would like:

Wholehearted Librarianship during the Pandemic

We are discussing these changes in my classes. The landscape will surely be different on the other side of the pandemic, but I know for sure that librarians and soon to be librarians will have the skills and mindsets needed to meet each new challenge. Things to ponder: even after this crisis passes, will spaces need to be larger or more controlled? Will one on one service still be possible? Will our interactions need to be virtual? How will this new “touchless” generation impact libraries?

Image: Grand Traverse Bay at last light.

4 thoughts on “Essay at CIRI Blog

  1. Julie McPherson

    @michael thank you so much for sharing this. It moved me to tears.

    This: “And then the world changed.

    We hunkered down. We social distanced. Suddenly, one of my favorite pastimes — long walks in the Michigan forest — became my one and only excursions out into the world. Neighbors would chat from afar and I would say goodbye with ‘Stay safe and be well.’ Perhaps you have said that too as you end a conversation or sign off Zoom Happy Hour with friends and family. I would add this to that farewell: ‘Stay connected.'”

    I may or may not still be sitting here with a wet face and needing a tissue. <3

      1. Sydney Burke

        @michael It is super interesting that we are kind of a “touchless generation” now because of COVID. I wonder how we will go back to “hands-on” training and workshops. I started my MLIS journey last Fall in the thick of COVID and am glad I was able to connect with information professionals! @juliemcpherson I feel you on getting emotional!

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