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  1. Sarah Rainey

    @michael I’m planning to address photogrammetry for rarely seen objects in a Sonoma county archive, although I have also been having thoughts about an oral history project for the same organization–I’m trying to have my mind made up by tomorrow. Too many good ideas from this class.

  2. Vida

    ‘Power of Stories’ is where it’s at for me, @michael.
    Out of 3-5 social topics of the past 5 years, I’ll propose to begin with display-boards (dry-erase, professionally-printed, hand-drawn) of the topic asking for a Tweet-length reaction (at least 10 words, no more than 30; poetry encouraged; foreign languages welcome; roll that dice with only emojis if you can hand-draw them) to be written on an index card that’ll be taped to the wall under the board (this will require a lot of wall). Then anyone can reply taping (colored one) another card with the same length requirement. A library worker (staff or volunteer) will at the end of the day record the ‘chain letters’ so that they may be printed and posted on another wall for more attachments so the original under-board walls can be cleared for fresh reactions. Event ends in a week, after which all chains will be published on the library blogs and a few hard copies to be added to the collection.

  3. Christopher Wang

    My Director’s Brief topic is about the e-book repository HathiTrust Digital Library and how it could enhance and expand the e-book collection and services of the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD).

    Besides drafting the Objective, Executive Summary, Introduction, Conclusion, and References, I have also drafted an “Evaluation of the HathiTrust Digital Library” and the “Shared Purchase Agreement” for purchasing HathiTrust Digital Library.

    I am currently planning and drafting a brief Literature Review on articles about HathiTrust Digital Library and studies on integrating e-books within libraries.

  4. Chris Hosler

    I’m looking to do my Director’s Brief on the library creating a program that utilizes websites like meetup, to facilitate gatherings among patrons. They would be led by librarians and they would be empowered to create a meetup topic about something they are passionate about. Librarians could even work together if they are both passionate about similar topics. The meetups would be a learning environment where people of the same interest can share their knowledge and learn from others. Additionally, the meetups would can be a tool to advertise community rooms that patrons can check out to create their own meetups or gatherings. Making the library a “3rd space” would be an added bonus, along with interacting with the community. @michael

    I believe this would fall under the “Power of Stories”

  5. M. Lillie Moore

    Hi @michael! I’m doing Power of Stories, with a focus on how I can bring a storytelling podcast to my local library that brings together members of the community in a relavent way, while also connecting them to the physical library by having them curate a “capsule collection” of materials.

  6. Fredy Gonzalez

    Hello @michael! I will focus on the Power of Stories, with a focus on Open Mic in a virtual setting. I used to run an open mic while the library was open but I wanted to explore the idea how it can happen virtually, and how it can being to expand as the library opens more and more.

  7. Alejandra Magallon

    Hi @michael! I want to focus on the Power of Stories by writing a Director’s brief on creating a city-wide history walk that includes community members’ personal stories about the area. For example, there can be a sign at a local park with a QR code, and once scanned, you can access the link to the History Walk site and listen to a brief history of the park along with a community member’s memory of the park.

  8. Hope Saldivar

    Hi @michael! I am planning to write my Director’s Brief on Participatory Services and implementing the Lookmobile, a mobile learning lab that showcases hands-on experiments and exhibits. I hope to allow rural communities the opportunity to utilize library services through this mobile interactive library service and inspire non-library users to visit the library and become excited about learning.

  9. Elizabeth Conway

    @michael I am thinking about focusing on the power of photography, specifically, photo essays either on social media platforms or alternative digital platforms, and the power and connectivity visual language can lend to library participation. When I read over the brief assignment overview I found it difficult to pick a category as this falls into all three (visual storytelling on participatory technology platforms that can help connect those who don’t speak the same language). I am leaning towards an emphasis on the power of visual stories but looking forward to developing it further!

  10. Nicole McCleaf

    @michael In my most recent post, Lifelong Learning and Digital Literacy, I mention DigComp, the European Digital Competence Framework. I would like to explore this framework further and see if my local public library, located in a mostly rural area where digital skills seem lacking, could implement a similar program.

  11. Rachael R - bookslinger, MLIS Student

    Hi @michael

    For my project I am looking at an intersection of “tech & trends” & storytelling. Specifically I am looking at using AR technology to capture artifacts from a social movement and archive them in place with an overlay of historic scholarship, community storytelling, academic research or other pertinent information. The specific “target” I am looking at is the series of murals painted in downtown Oakland over the past summer to mark the BLM movement & the idea that high resolution photos of the murals can be tagged onto the buildings so that with AR you could do a walking tour and see them even after they are removed as well as having film clips, audio, text and other info pop up alongside the murals on your device. Sort of a living book – sort of an archive.
    -Rachael R

  12. Rachael Londer

    Wow, late to this party! I have been researching and pulling together technology for community outreach/engagement. Technology tools to support reaching the broader community that I’d like to present to my Director include a texting service, digital survey tools, electric bookmobile, and more.

  13. Rosa Hughes

    Hi @michael, for my brief I am focusing on Power of Stories, inspired by the COVID-19 Community Archiving Project at Harvard University as well as other libraries where library patrons are encouraged to reflect and contribute how their community reacted/is reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will embrace emerging technologies by collecting both spoken first person stories with a Story Corp type of interview in the library as well as documentation in the form of digital photographs, audio files, or video files to be shared via the library’s social media.

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