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  1. Amber Bales

    Hi @michael, I am thinking of doing my project on the trend of participatory archiving and how it furthers human rights and social justice agendas. I have found evidence of this in multiple countries, including the article on Costa Rica provided on the project page. My project would focus on how this trend aids decolonization in developing countries, I wouldn’t be focusing on 1 country in particular. Please let me know if you have any concerns about the direction of this project.

    thank you!

  2. Cathryne Ramirez

    Hi @michael,
    I’m thinking of taking this project in a global direction, focusing on the library as the third space/community living room and what this means in regards to the expanding roles of libraries, as mentioned in the articles regarding libraries in the Netherlands.

    Thank you,

  3. Sarah Mettler

    I had a really tough time coming up with a project for the Director’s Brief. I wanted the project to work for an elementary school library and help kids process their feelings around the pandemic and the shelter in place order. I really wanted to use some kind of participatory service too but it had to work in a socially distanced way. I reread everything until I was inspired to implement a story center listening station. I am really excited to explore this idea to help children process their feelings and different experiences while creating a piece of recorded history for our school.


  4. Carrie Sanabria

    I’m having difficulty nailing down exactly what I want my Director’s Brief to be about. I’d like to present the idea of offering additional goods to check out (besides books). I am leaning towards children’s toys as I’ve read a few articles about a library in Croatia that offers a toy lending program that uses donated children’s toys. This will teach children (and remind adults) about the importance of sharing and sustainability. I’m just not sure there is enough research on this topic for this brief. I was also thinking of presenting on offering a Kitchen Tool lending service similar to the Toronto Library as well, would I be able to combine the two into one brief? I believe that offering Kitchen Tools and Toys for people to borrow would help single parents, people that live in tiny studios that don’t have enough space to store large kitchen tools and parents who are low income who may not have the money to buy their children new toys.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      Hi @carriesanabria This sounds interesting. My library circulated toys for years. I do not know if they still do. Be thinking about the aspects of the service that connect with our course. Is there a participatory element? A learning element? STEAM?

      I would suggest choosing one topic – toys or culinary implements.

  5. Genesee Rickel (she/her)

    @michael – coming in a bit late here but I wanted to update you with my selected topic. I’ll be focusing on the Power of Stories, specifically looking at podcasting and interviewing LGBTQIA+ folks. Oral history is really important in my community and while my library system does have a podcast, they focus more on book recommendations and not on community interviews. I have some examples that are queer-specific for podcasts, some research and notes about libraries interacting with and cultivating queer collections, and some general library podcast template examples. I know I focused on the LGBTQIA+ community for my last project, but there are so many ways I feel like we can serve them better, it is something I hope to explore in my professional future. Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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