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  1. Lain K.

    I’m writing my Director’s Brief on the concept of staffless hours at the library based on Salt Lake City Public Library’s 24/7 library model, Denmark’s numerous libraries that have staffless hours early in the morning and late at night, and the Open+ system that allows for staffless hours thanks to RFID technology and surveilllance/security.

  2. Laura W.

    I’m writing my Director’s Brief on the concept of participatory archiving, based on the program put in place in the community of Caribe Sur in the South Caribbean, as well as other communities.

  3. Narrability

    I would like to concentrate on improving partnerships between public libraries and K-12 schools. In particular, I am interested in troubleshooting sharing digital resources, so that students can use their student ID cards to access public library resources. Overdrive, SORA, LIbby collection sharing… I am inspired by the potential that public libraries have in supporting schools, especially during the pandemic school closures. As we look ahead in how to best support student literacy, libraries and schools have much to benefit from partnerships.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      This is a good focus. I can see utilizing the lens of the Hyperlinked Library. I will include this bit in all my replies: Be sure to connect to our course through participatory service, module content, etc. 🙂

  4. Gloria Montez

    I want to write mine on introducing a new technology ( the use of VR) to my library since my local library wants to draw in more teens. I want to draw points on the uses of VR for gaming but also as an educational learning tool.

  5. Philip McGough

    I am interested in looking at how Dokk1, the Model Programme for Public Libraries, and other libraries/programs outside the U.S. are using libraries as places for their communities to informally gather and socialize (or not socialize). The “living room of the city” trend.

  6. Kathleen Erickson

    I am interested in promoting an ongoing training / learning program for library staff and volunteers modeled on 23 Things programs, looking at such programs from different countries. In addition to explication of the range of specific programs (such as specifically mobile- or digital-focused vs. more broad-based technology), recommendations also will be made about what implementation might look like for the local culture, such as putting certificates or badges earned on staff room lockers, or a robot mascot for the library. Previous 23 Things programs’ outcomes will be documented, such as innovations that have changed a library’s space or services, staff confidence and job satisfaction, and evidence for use of the hyperlinked library concept and resources to create success for the library, its staff, and the community members.

  7. Michael

    Hi Michael (and all!),

    My plan is to do mine on converting a public library branch from Dewey to BISAC shelving. Since I was originally going to do my Emerging Technology Plan on this, I’ve already found some substantial papers in the literature, which will help guide my planning and support for my ideas.


  8. David Vargas

    Hi Professor Stephens and everyone,

    I’ll be writing my Directors Brief on purchasing podcasting equipment for programming in our library system. Once the equipment is purchased, the library can record hours upon hours of content for virtually nothing in the digital realm. This creative outlet will make for great creative content and will also empower our patrons to share their ideas with the world!

  9. Jennifer

    I am going to continue down the path of my Emerging Technology Plan and examine how libraries in other countries are helping teenage patrons. I am going to use two examples to explore this issue: the Finding My Place program in Australia aimed at teens who are at risk of dropping out of school; and the Youth Talk initiative in Scotland which involved teens participating in the creation/development of local services (including those at the library) aimed at teens.

  10. Daniela Leyva

    I’m a bit late with the topic of choice but I wrote by director’s brief on VR as an emerging technology for adults. When I worked at a library, I ran a program in the evenings that allowed adults and seniors to use the VR and they really enjoyed it!

  11. emmortal01

    I am thinking I would like to discuss interactive storytelling and archiving in libraries, similar to what the Aarhus Free Library did. This would be part of the global trends side of the assignment.

  12. Michelle Newell

    I am doing my brief on the concept of libraries have teaming up with outside venues and have engaged teenagers with programs that also help them learn outside of the library (i.e.Discover & Go, Culture Pass, etc.)

  13. Rivka Revivo

    Hello Professor and Classmates,

    I would like to write my Director’s Brief on expanding training services to include tutorials on business software (e.g., Microsoft Office, Zoom, Skype, etc.) that could benefit teleworkers. Library staff, with the assistance of certified instructors and other subject matter experts, would facilitate the trainings at library campuses. The goal would be to provide teleworkers, who have limited opportunities for in-person trainings, with face-to-face and virtual instruction experiences to promote their productivity and efficiency at work. I plan to connect this topic to Modules 11 and 12 (Infinite Learning), specifically the section on professional learning experiences.

    Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated.

    Take care,


    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      Hello @rivka This is interesting and I think it will work. Be sure to consider the broader course themes too: participation, opens, human connection, experience, collaboration… I will include this bit in all my replies: Be sure to connect to our course through participatory service, module content, etc. 🙂

  14. Nhu-Y Tran

    Sorry for this very last-minute post. I’m writing my director’s brief about workout at home with my local public library. I’m advocating a healthy lifestyle and using free workout apps on mobile devices or smartTV.

  15. Christopher Eaton

    It has been difficult to focus and think, but I had been mulling over the topic for the better part of two weeks now. I decided to go with focusing on the participatory service of creating a small recording studio makerspace for the Richmond Public Library. It can be done relatively inexpensively, it takes the community into consideration, and it gives young people a new opportunity to come visit the library and create something new and personal all while using new technology to do it.

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