Director’s Briefs Topics

Hey all – I think it would be a good idea to hear from each of you about your Director’s brief topic. Please share below, send me an @michael update, a private message, or an email!

Just want to make sure everyone is on track.

39 thoughts on “Director’s Briefs Topics

  1. Angela

    @michael, my Director’s Brief assignment, as stated in my objective is, “To introduce New Brunswick Free Public Library to global library trends and explore ideas on how a more technology-driven and innovative 21st century library can be implemented into the library’s core services and programs.”

  2. Bria Sinnott

    I’d like to tackle comp O is well. @michael I’m between exploring global library design and how they can influence academic library spaces OR curating tools like 23 mobile things for professional development programming in academic libraries (not just for librarians but faculty and staff too)

  3. Sarah Jo Zaharako

    I’d like to explore immigration issues. Does this tie into Comp O? I’m helping to plan a local children’s librarians institute on providing programming and services around this topic. I think this assignment could really tie into that research. One idea is to explore the California Humanities Library Innovation Lab grant program.

    Hoping to settle on a defiant topic by Monday.

  4. Christy Brightwell

    My brief will be on a public library blog that includes a wiki for collaborating and communication for staff. I think libraries with multiple branches would benefit greatly from this and it could also be used for training/learning that Professor Stephens talked about in the Module 12 Lecture.

  5. Julieanne R.

    @michael I am exploring global library design but am wondering if it’s okay to explore one international library as an exemplar of sorts? Or would you prefer exploring a variety and speaking to the common trends? I’m not sure which is the best way to tackle the assignment.

  6. Christa Funke

    @michael I wanted to do my director’s brief on Global Library Trends. Since I will be traveling to New Zealand next year, I decided to focus on that country. Specifically, my focus would be how libraries use Social Media in New Zealand with an eye out for tips and techniques that could benefit my library district. Would that work?

  7. Donald

    I think I’d like to construct a director’s brief on implementing roving library service, assisted by tablet technology, in an academic library setting. I’m also interested in how this service might cross over into training *tutoring center staff* who are also often based at academic libraries so that they might likewise proactively meet students wherever they are in the library (and theoretically even out of the library across campus, perhaps reaching out at the student union, dorms, etc..) Roving service was the topic for the emerging technology planning assignment, but I think this angle for the director’s brief might be a good way to think about this even further with an administration audience in mind and hopefully prepare a nice artifact for the e-portfolio and beyond….

  8. Angela Khachikian

    For Director’s Brief, I will be working on the global option. I am planning to examine the DOKK1 Library’s renovations and see how I can apply some of those concepts in our Library.

    Michael, do you suggest that I focus on just one aspect of their innovative services or talk about everything?


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