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Hey all – I have been thinking that a little extra time might be useful for you all and for me as well.

I am currently working on my promotion dossier for Full Professor, the last step that comes four years after getting tenure. Everything is due September 30.  I have to tell you: it consumes my thoughts I work!

So I am super cool if you need some extra days into next week. Aim for the 17th at the latest!

Thank you!

Image: My tenure dossier 2016. This go round, every thing is digital – no paper!

8 thoughts on “Context Book Extension

  1. Librarian of Late

    This comes as some very welcome news – life is a bit chaotic at the moment! I will take advantage of this extra time. I’ll be writing about “Everything is Miscellaneous” which I really enjoyed, but haven’t quite figured out what angle I’ll take.
    As for your work on being promoted to Full Professor – I wish you luck. I have no doubt you will blow their minds! 🙂 It’s good to be reminded that our Professors are people, too, with other responsibilities and demands on their time outside of a specific class.

  2. Kelly Spoer

    WOOHOO! Full Professor!

    I had an undergrad professor who made us call him: Full Professor Doctor Titus, Sir.
    He was the head of the geology department and he taught an intro to geology class (science requirement) that was basically taking us into the woods/hills surrounding the school for hikes. he was amazing.

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