Context Book Extensions

Hey all – I have been thinking that a little extra time might be useful for you all and for me as well. I am still getting over a nasty respiratory thing that started before classes began – not COVID but crummy.

So I am super cool if you need some extra days into next week. Aim for the 24th at the latest!

Thank you all for your work so far!


14 thoughts on “Context Book Extensions

  1. Layo

    Take your time Michael. Life is not a race! Health first.

    We’re still very early days in term. If we need to we can review each other’s book reports. It’s not all up to you. We’re here for you, too. Hope you feel good on the conference times. Look forward to your report!

  2. Traci Schmidt

    @michael – so sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather but glad you are on the mend – my perfect medicine is binge watching TV – always healing! Thank you for the extra days on the book review!

  3. Will

    @michael thank you, I definitely need an extension! SFSU brought in-person classes back last week, so the past two weeks have been busy. Trying to read two books was too ambitious, I’m almost done with the first one. Trying to get through the last two chapters today and then I’m just going to report on that book.

  4. Michelle

    @michael Wow, thank you for the extra few days! I just returned to in-person teaching the first week of February after nearly of two-years teaching remotely. It’s been a little bit of an adjustment, so many thanks. I am happy to hear you are doing better!

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