Checking In – Grading & The Future

Greetings all – I am working on grading your planning assignments. I must confess that everything this past week has seemed to take three times as long as usual. I will be super honest: I have felt overwhelmed at times. We are all dealing with varying levels of chaos and change due to the coronavirus. I want you all to be safe and well.

I want to check in and see how you all are doing and offer some thoughts on the rest of our time together.

I would like to offer extensions on the next blog post:

Let’s change to both should be published by April 19. That way you can work on them as time permits. I know many of you may be ready to write up the next one – this will give you breathing room.

The last big assignment is the Director’s Brief due 4/26. Let’s make the new due date anytime up to 5/3. 

Finally, the Symposium entry can go up anytime the week of May 4 to May 10 and you van combine your final reflection with the Symposium.

NOTE: The Symposium does not have to be a ton of work or another complete project – it’s a way to share your learning with the other members of our hyperlinked community. Imagine strolling around a beautiful space where each of you have created something the represents your takeaways or insights from #hyperlib – that’s what I am looking for.

How does this look to all? Please share thoughts and suggestions below.



Image: Buddy after a heavy wet falling snow walk!

25 thoughts on “Checking In – Grading & The Future

  1. Gloria Montez

    I greatly appreciate the extensions. To be honest all this “non-essential” talk has infiltrated my thinking and all I can think is “why bother?” I know this will all settle down at some point but having to worry if my husband will be laid off or if my sister and mom are okay since they are high risk has not been easy. I have been trying to combat the worry by looking at funny memes and unpacking.

    Thank you for reaching out @michael

    1. Narrability

      Thanks so much! It is nice to hear your and classmates responses. I agree that coursework for our classes helps to settle me a little as life is readjusting constantly.

      I wanted to share a sweet story about a community science workshop/old school makerspace in Greenfield, California: their after-school and weekend space has been closed of course, but the educators are putting together science kits in a bag, to be handed out with the school lunch programs everyday. It is a way to keep low-income effected students connected to STEM learning. It is a wonderful reminder of how we can be creative to serve especially those who will be deeply affected by the loss of school closures and jobs, and hopefully not the loss of health.
      Take good care friends!

  2. Kathleen Erickson

    Each new day brings its challenges, so I appreciate the flexibility with deadlines. I now feel I can get coursework done by the end of the semester in whatever mish-mash fashion that comes about–not according to my calendar plan, but still completed. That’s all we need to do. I posted the Little Free Library becoming a Little Free Pantry to remind myself to be kind to others.

  3. Naomi Grace

    @michael Thank you so much for the extensions! Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, and every day tasks feel trite–I know I’m having difficulty quieting my mind enough to focus, and the amount of stress-baking I’m doing while under a stay-at-home order has increased exponentially. The one bright spot is seeing how many of us in the community are looking out for each other–both IRL and virtually. This class is no exception.

    Sending positive energy to all!

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  5. Michelle Newell

    Thank you for the extension @michael. I’ve been trying to keep up with the schoolwork along with having to telecommute my regular workload, which is more difficult because my internet speed at home is not the same than it is in the office. It’s very overwhelming but I know we will get through this. Buddy’s pic brings me joy. Take good care.

  6. ChD

    I already wrote to you directly, Prof Stephens, but I want to thank you with the class as well. I have family in NYC that tested positive for COVID-19 and made the news. They’re young – age 20-40. They are recovering, thank god. But they were sick for a few weeks before anyone offered them testing. Back here in the Bay Area, Cali, I’ve been sick for over a week. So I’ve been behind on everything in all of my four courses this term.

    Your caring and flexibility are really appreciated, Prof. It would be a shame if midway through the term you had students drop out because..who has a contingency plan for pandemics in the US?! I certainly didn’t.

    Thanks again.

  7. Eleanor Hill

    I’m sorry for being so late to the game, but I also wanted to thank you @Michael for the gracious extensions. Like others, I, too, have been struggling to focus on school-related work with all of the danger and uncertainty that’s been happening (I have a scary number of high-risk family members who I’ve been horribly worried for).

    Wishing health and safety for everyone. We will get through this chaos together ❤️

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