Check In – Folks Okay?

Hey all – just want to check in. Is everyone okay? The pace of the class is pretty fast between now and when we end. I want to make sure everyone feels on track with the assignments, etc. Comment, send me a message, IM me, etc. The world is still so unsettled and chaotic. If anyone is struggling, let me know.

I also want to do my own check in with you. I’ve been juggling INFO 200, recording and some deadlines with research have made me feel behind. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything.

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27 thoughts on “Check In – Folks Okay?

  1. Marc Mazique

    Doing okay keeping up with the reading, but felt a bit daunted a few weeks back by the Planning assignment, which was coming right at the beginning of a much needed week of vacation, during which I planned to do minimal schoolwork (mostly reading). I’m definitely grateful for the fluid deadlines, which are providing me with the space to tackle things at a pace that feels more manageable. I’ve set myself alternative deadlines, as a way of ensuring I stay on track, but having the breathing room has been very helpful this month! Looking to have the next blog post and Planning finished by weekend’s end.

    I’ll be sad to see the course end! So many 3-2-1 ideas for the end; it’s hard to pick just a few. For example, I want to learn more about Anythink Libraries’ Wordthink alternative cataloging system…

  2. E

    @michael Thanks for checking in! Things are moving along here. I’d like to add my gratitude for the flexible due dates. I had a crazy week at the beginning of the month with contractors working on my house. Being able to push the planning assignment out was a godsend! I’m also very pleased with how the project came out because I could devote as much time as I wanted to it. Working on research for the Director’s Brief now.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @evura Very cool. We have some issues in our lower level that need to be repaired. It is super hard to get anyone out in a timely fashion right now in northern Michigan. This stuff can be exhausting. I am glad you had space to do a plan you are pleased with!

  3. Angelina

    @michael The fluid deadlines are fantastic; they are very much appreciated! My son, nephew, and brother-in-law had a car accident over the weekend. Luckily none were severely hurt. My brother-in-law has a broken bone in his hand, and my son did have a cut on his head and had stitches. This week has been all over the place trying to deal with that and short on staff at work. I have taken a few days to focus on work and my family. I am hoping between now and Monday to get caught up.

  4. Annie Papy

    @michael All is well here, too. A crazy week with a lot of big assignments, but happy to be caught up everywhere. I’ve spent the last couple days researching Montreal because after spending the last year thinking we’d be moving to Seattle next summer, it looks like we’re going to have another option. Very interesting, but a little (or a lot) overwhelming!

  5. Viri

    This month has been particularly challenging when it comes to work/life/school balance. I’m extremely grateful for fluid deadlines. I’m looking forward to wrapping up my planning assignment that I’ve been chipping away at slowly but surely. I’m truly enjoying this class!

  6. Ruth Headley

    @michael life is wild isn’t it? I just got promoted to full time in my library after 7 years working there (amazing!) and got engaged to my partner of 4 years two weeks ago (even better!). While these are extraordinary things it has made life a wee bit harder to balance between wedding planning, more work, and trying to finish school in the next year. I am so grateful for the flexibility of this class. I’m also grateful that this class is fun, I’m not sure I could have balanced it all if I didn’t look forward to doing class work like I do for this class.

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