Assignment Q & A Chat Recording

Greetings all! Thanks to everyone who came to the session. We went over all the major assignments and had some GREAT questions.

View the recording:

Here is the Champion of Confidence column I mentioned.

Tune in to see special guest star Cooper the Labrador, who was very hungry. He got to eat right after we finished. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Assignment Q & A Chat Recording

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  2. Julieanne R.

    @michael Thanks for sharing that post! And I am sorry to hear about Dozer. Pets are such wonderful, compassionate companions and it always hard when one leaves ‘the pack.’ The dog I grew up with passed away this past April at 21. What you wrote in your post about needing to “give ourselves the opportunity to mourn” and that it is “essential” really resonated with me. I will share the post with my mom, as well, who will really enjoy it.

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