Month: March 2021

Check In – Folks Okay?

Hey all – just want to check in. Is everyone okay? The pace of the class is pretty fast between now and when we end. I want to make sure everyone feels on track with the assignments, etc. Comment, send me a message, IM me, etc. The world is still so unsettled and chaotic. If […]

Digital Life Librarian Job Description

Here is a recent job description from CityLibraries Townsville in Queensland, Australia from 2019. My colleague Warren Cheetham is Coordinator, Planning and Business Development there. I visited Warren while in Australia in 2018. Take look at this bit and then grab the PDF to see the full job. Note the nuances of Australian library work. Townsville.Position […]

Planning Extension

Buddy on the Trail

Hey all – I am thinking an extension on the planning assignment might be a good thing. I have been caught up in my two INFO 200 sections a bit longer than I thought this week. I want to enjoy catching up on your blogging this next few days.  Perhaps some more time will give […]