20 Must Know Tips to Acing Your Zoom Interview

I recently discovered this channel via a sub reddit on higher ed. He is fast talker but there is some good stuff here.


4 thoughts on “20 Must Know Tips to Acing Your Zoom Interview

  1. Tiffiny Remmer

    @michael Well, I saw this come through when it first did, and I was excited because I had landed my very first library interview in over 21 years! I’m currently teaching English to college students. So, all my interviews lately have been in the field of education. I feel like I’ve got those down pat. Well, next semester I should be done with my degree. (Fingers crossed nothing catastrophic happens.) A new job opened up at my local college (CSU Fresno), and I applied. AND, I got a Zoom interview! Well, I came to this video again, watched it, and none of it applied. Wah-wah. The Zoom interview was no screen, no picture. They shared their screen with the questions they were asking of me, and it was unlike any other interview I’ve done. After, I felt I did okay-ish. But, as the day went on I thought of all the stuff I should have said and all the things I did wrong. Since the start date isn’t until the Fall of 2024, they are in no hurry to get the position filled, but they said they’d let me know in a few weeks if I’m invited back for an in-person interview. Fingers crossed. (I think. I really thought I’d be in public librarianship, not academic.) Also, here’s hoping that if I do get an in-person interview I remember all the great things I’ve learned and not have a blank brain.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @tremmer thank you for sharing this experience. I’m sorry the video wasn’t very helpful. I have heard of interviews being conducted with the interviewee’s camera off. I was on search committees during the pandemic for our school and the interviewee definitely had camera on etc. I think it may just depend on the approach of the hiring committee or human resources. I do hope you get a call for the in person interview.

      1. Tiffiny Remmer

        @michael Thanks! Also, I wasn’t complaining about the video being bad, it just didn’t happen to be helpful to me. I was thinking it would give me great words of wisdom and I’d land the job just like that! 😉 In all seriousness, the video did have good information to keep in mind if there is a visual Zoom interview.

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