Hyperlib Virtual Symposium!

Hi everyone!

For the virtual symposium, I want to highlight 5 key ideas that I am taking away from this semester. I created a video where I talk about:

  • Embracing Chaos
  • Libraries and Learning
  • The Importance of Advocacy
  • The Importance of Connection
  • People Centered Service

Click here to watch!

Thank you!

1 thought on “Hyperlib Virtual Symposium!”

  1. Hi Aaron! Thank you for sharing about your struggle with freedom on assignments. I can say that I really enjoyed the freedom of the multiple methods of delivery for assignments, but had to stick with the assignment due dates even after Michael made the due dates fluid. Even though delivery methods helped me step outside of my comfort zone, sticking to the deadlines helped set an expectation for myself. I also wanted to add that applying the idea of embracing chaos to libraries also help promote collaboration between libraries and community members. Thank you so much for sharing!

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