A Quick Intro…

Hi- Thanks for taking a minute to stop by! I am about halfway through this program. I feel like this semester is my “fun” semester, I have no core classes on the roster, only classes that really line up to my interests. I live in Denver, Colorado, and work in a public library district. Libraries have been my passion for my entire life. As a homeschooled child we relied heavily on our local library and at a young age, I began volunteering. My B.A. is in English Lit and my general professional focus is digital library services. I have a strong interest in the field of digital humanities and digital management.

Why am I here?! (in this class that is)

Living in Denver is a privilege when it comes to amazing libraries. I live in the Anythink Library Distict and I work in a neighboring district that is also a special library district modeled similarly to Anythink. I am surrounded by the idea of libraries being more than just books. I really felt that this class would help me be competitive in the Denver job market and further my understanding of the philosophy of librarianship in general that I want to be a part of. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I was introduced to the library world very young. I spent so many hours with librarians in a rural library district in Georgia. I have early memories though of discussions with my mother that librarians were so grumpy all the time. She always joked that they had to take a class on grumpiness in library school (this was not a bash, she was truly a library advocate in the 90s, this was honest perception). This general overview of the profession was and sometime still is a stain on the powerful work of a library and librarians. I am overjoyed that there has been a dedicated effort to changing that perception over the past 20 years. I believe this class and the model of the hyperlinked library is a part of that work and I want to be a part of that effort!

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  1. Hi Amber –
    We have friends that live in Denver! My husband and both grew up in Sidney, Nebraska so we would go to Denver to do fun things. My husband even lived there for a few years before he joined the Marine Corps.
    I understand your passion for libraries and Denver always seemed to be cutting edge.
    Good luck this semester! – Jennie

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