Info 287: Virtual Symposium

Virtual Symposium Movie Trailer

While figuring out what to do for this assignment I really wanted to do something I’ve never done before but also have a lot of fun with it! I was inspired by some of the clips and audio files found on canva and did my best at making a movie trailer style video! It was a nice challenge to use only the free options on canva.


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  1. Hello Addison,

    I really enjoyed your approach to this assignment! I think giving yourself the extra challenge of trying something completely new with Canva is admirable. I had no idea that program was so flexible. I used it for an infographic for the symposium. My favorite part of your movie trailer was the inspirational quotes you picked up during our class. Hopefully they continue to inspire you on your MLIS journey.

  2. And the Oscar goes to…Addison Jones for Virtual Symposium Movie Trailer!
    This was so brilliant! So creative and fun, and totally inspiring, thanks so much for doing this!


  3. Hello Addison, I really enjoyed your symposium! I would have never thought to do a movie trailer, such a neat idea and it was a very nice summation of some of the things we learned this semester. Thank you for sharing it with us! Elisha

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