Hi, My name is Ashley. I’m currently in my second semester at SJSU. I’ve lived in San Francisco, CA for about 9 years and still love it! I’m hoping to earn my degree so I can work in the public library system in the bay area. I’ve always been interested in reading and writing so I got my Bachelors degree in English in 2012 and ended up working in the legal field as an admin, paralegal, and now a legal secretary.

Outside of school and work I also own a small business where I create custom macrame wall hangings and plant holders occasionally attending maker fairs around the bay area. I like to travel and will be embarking on a 6-month long trek through South America and Europe this year while doing school. I also volunteer with seniors, mostly with a blind senior named Don who teaches me how important public services, volunteering, and giving back to our communities is.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the hyperlinked library and new and emerging technology in Professor Stephens’ class!

This is me over the summer in Cinque Terre, Italy hiking along the coast.

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    • It is! This was the coast of Cinque Terre which is five towns along the mountainous coast near Florence. I do! It’s AmoreCorda, Etsy is literally the best online marketplace!

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