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December 1, 2020

Symposium Submission: Five in Five (or Nine) Takeaways from Hyperlinked Libraries

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Please ignore the choppy editing- it was my first time using Canva to edit a video!


  1. Hi Ashley –
    I enjoyed your video on your key takeaways from the Hyperlinked libraries. I really liked how you related your #3 Libraries breaker down physical barriers to how libraries have responded during Covid.
    As a side note – Pokemon Go was great for many public libraries but it had some repercussions for military libraries. I worked at a base library during the Pokemon Go craze and we had a lot of people trying to break/sneak onto base and get arrested while they were trying to capture Pokemon – we had civilians calling us asking the library to sponsor them on base (we can’t for security reasons) so they could play – it was really hard to respond to all this and we really couldn’t benefit from the craze.
    Thanks for good video!

    Comment by Jennie Tobler-Gaston — December 1, 2020 @ 5:22 pm |Reply

    • Hi Jennie,
      Thank you! I can’t help but be absolutely floored that people risked getting arrested…. just to get a Pokemon. There’s something darkly comedic about it, but at the same time I imagine this was incredibly frustrating for your library’s staff. I suppose I should modify my comment to include the fact that new technology is incredibly beneficial to libraries… when used appropriately!

      Comment by Ashley Loria — December 1, 2020 @ 6:47 pm |Reply

  2. “Communication, if we are blending it with technology that is new today, has to change.” Love this takeaway and your reference to good discussion on your blog. This is absolutely true and it’s a big pet peeve I have in some library spaces (when library staff corrects pronunciation of certain words/certain vernacular, for instance). I also love your video overall, I didn’t even know you could make a video in canva! This is super cool, thanks for your symposium entry!

    Comment by Ariel Dyer — December 1, 2020 @ 9:29 pm |Reply

    • Thanks, Ariel! I completely agree- especially when a pronunciation correction isn’t asked for.
      Using Canva to put together a video was a little challenging at first but I’m glad I gave it a shot! I got the hang of it pretty quickly and I’ll probably use it for Summer Reading Club videos going forward. I definitely recommend it!

      Comment by Ashley Loria — December 2, 2020 @ 2:23 am |Reply

  3. Hi Ashley,
    Really enjoyed watching your video. It was extremely well produced and I loved how you engaged with the graphics around you on the screen to make it more engaging for the viewer. The 5th takeaway you included really resonated with me. As technologies change so too do the ways in which we communicate, collaborate, and create with one another. I think this is essential to keep in mind as LIS professionals. Thanks for the insightful video.

    Comment by Nydya — December 4, 2020 @ 9:22 pm |Reply

    • Thanks so much, Nydya! Using the Canva platform to edit videos was definitely an interesting process at first, but I had fun with it. I’m glad that my final takeaway resonated with you because I think at its core, that’s what this class was all about- finding ways to communicate with one another. And I think we have all done a great job with that by exploring one another’s blogs. Thank you for watching!

      Comment by Ashley Loria — December 6, 2020 @ 2:42 am |Reply

  4. Hi Ashley,
    Wonderful presentation. I am so glad you decided to add the personal touches of your voice and physical presence. I love your energy in the beginning as you introduced your five. You piqued my curiosity and will have to read about this exclamation point rule.

    Comment by Christine Caldwell — December 6, 2020 @ 5:43 am |Reply

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