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I always find other libraries fascinating. I like seeing things that go on in other libraries and their way of doing things. I found Dokk1 to be very interesting; just being on the waterfront is amazing; I would love that; it is a beautiful place. “Dokk1 houses the main library and the Citizens’ Services department in Aarhus” (Dokk1 and the urban waterfront). By looking at their website, you can tell “Dokk1 was designed as the library of the future” (Dokk1 and the urban waterfront). Dokk1 has many facilities with different activities and networking. It is considered a place for “exchanging knowledge and a place of opportunity, a cultural meeting place,” which I think is an excellent thing for a community (Dokk1 and the urban waterfront). Dokk1 was built with the idea of providing the community with the things they need and want.

 The following core values have been established for Dokk1:

  • The citizen as key factor
  • Lifelong learning and community
  • Diversity, cooperation and network
  • Culture and experiences
  • Bridging citizens, technology and knowledge
  • Flexible and professional organization
  • Sustainable icon for Aarhus (About Dokk1)

Dokk1 was designed with the newest technology and accessibility. They even have an automated parking facility, the largest and most advanced automated parking system in Europe.

In Morehart’s article, Dokk1 is described “as the “living room of the city,” with less focus on books and more focus on human needs, providing space for performances, meetings, children’s activities, art installations, and general public gatherings.” Dokk1 has 4,000 visitors daily and a collection of over 300,000 books and media items. The main focus is the community, and that’s the way a library should be, in my opinion.


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  1. Hi Angelina, I also wrote about Dokk1 on my blog! I agree that it’s amazing and I hope to visit it someday. I loved the idea that it’s considered the “living room of the city” – that’s such a welcoming and comforting way to describe a library/community center.

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