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Director’s Brief: Participatory Archiving

“Kern Creative Writers in the Archive” will draw on Kate Theimer’s concept of “Archive 2.0,” Sofia Becerra-Licha’s overview of participatory and post-custodial archives, Caribe Sur’s Roots Archive, and Stephen Urgola and Carolyn Runyon’s chapter on participatory archives at the American University in Cairo. “Kern Creative Writers in the Archive” would utilize participatory services to: 1) bolster the libraries’ archival material within this subject, 2) bring attention to and become a document of creative writers in Kern, an underrepresented group, 3) draw public attention to the archival resources, and 4) break down barriers and allow for the community to become a participant in developing the library’s archival collection. Events will invite the community to submit original writings, manuscripts, and oral histories into the archive. The archive itself will welcome these submissions as well.

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