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Virtual Symposium

I decided to do a word cloud to see what stood out most in the posts I had made this term, as well as a 3-2-1 report.

Three “aha” moments:

  1. The many ways that libraries can involve others in creating new spaces and improving the library, such as with the San Francisco Library System’s “The Mix”, created by teens.
  2. How librarians can get rid of the reference desk, and instead make it mobile and help alongside people instead of across from them, separated with a desk between them.
  3. The context book report on Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out really opened my eyes to the different ways that kids and teens live with and learn from the media and technologies that surround them in their lives.

Two ideas I want to learn more about:

  1. The use of space and how it affects and helps patrons. The NCSU Hunt Library space with all of the different seating arrangements and room types just really piqued my interest. I would love to do more research (and probably will in my free time) on other buildings that utilize this method of modeling their space, and learn how it affects those who use the space.
  2. Learning through play. It seems like there are infinite possibilities, and could be applied to so many situations.

One thing I will do now:

  1. Reflections. Making myself think about what I learned and writing something down about it really helped more than a quiz or something similar would have. The freedom to pick one or two things from the module, and just rolling with it, was kind of freeing. I may not continue publishing on a blog, but I plan on at least writing down my thoughts for each module in a notebook or somewhere else I can review later. It’s certainly been helpful for me with this class and I can see how it would be helpful in the future.

Thank you all for such a wonderful term. It’s been a difficult one mentally, but this class has been refreshing.

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