Aaron’s Virtual Symposium

Hey everyone,

Hard to believe that it is nearly the end of the course, isn’t it? It seemed like yesterday we were all getting ready to read Professor Stephens’ modules after reading the syllabus. I had a lot of fun in this class and I am both sad and happy to see the semester end.

Here’s my virtual symposium that I made with Piktochart. I tried being creative with this assignment and did it in the style of an infographic. I think it turned out alright, all things considering:


Have a wonderful summer break everyone, and Professor Stephens thanks for all of your help to.



One thought on “Aaron’s Virtual Symposium”

  1. Hi Aaron,

    Great job with your symposium post! I totally identify with feeling much more aware of trends in libraries, and noticing things that may have slipped by before as well. It’s awesome that you have ideas about how you local libraries could benefit from new trends and technologies, and I hope you do get to advocate for those things! Finally, I think choosing a 3-2-1 report is a great way to summarize the experience in this class, because as much as it was about learning, it was also about being willing to explore new things, and about how we can take that mindset with us into the future. Hope you have a wonderful summer!

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