Blog Post 8: Reflective Practice: Finding Balance and a Heart-Centered Way of Life in Libraries

Sometimes, too tight and stifling is the world, and sometimes too wide and overwhelming and frightening is the world. But in the library, the world can fit me just right. ~Viola A. I Carry a Pair of Tennis Shoes in My Car and I Go For Walks The last week or so, I have had […]

Blog Post 7: Infinite Learning, Informal Learning: Libraries, Following Our Curiosity, and a View from Cameroon

When reading through the 2017 Horizon Report (edition for higher education) which highlights that the use of emerging technologies and technology (in general) continue to be very strong trends in higher education, I was very happy (and relieved) to see that the report also discusses the “challenge” of “integrating formal and informal learning” (NMC Horizon […]

Peach-Perfect Work Snack

In preparation for my crazy work week, I decided to do some baking. I got a bunch of peaches at the farmers’ market early on Sunday, with the plan of making some gluten-free peach crumble (or crisp) early in the day; and then I got lazy, probably because of the heat wave. Inspired by Mary’s […]