Blog Post 7: Infinite Learning, Informal Learning: Libraries, Following Our Curiosity, and a View from Cameroon

When reading through the 2017 Horizon Report (edition for higher education) which highlights that the use of emerging technologies and technology (in general) continue to be very strong trends in higher education, I was very happy (and relieved) to see that the report also discusses the “challenge” of “integrating formal and informal learning” (NMC Horizon […]

The Meditation and Yoga Room and the Kindness Corner: Viola’s Library Project Plan

New Library Service and Space Plan by Viola The Meditation and Yoga Room and the Kindness Corner *** Overview Meditation and Yoga Space: Create a separate space (a room would be ideal so it can be quiet space), and a simple design can be used for the interior making it spacious and comfortable for one […]

Blog Post 5: Choose Your Own Adventure–Public Libraries and Gender (and How a Possible Stalker Taught me to Value the Safety of the Library Space)

With my planning project and director’s brief in mind, I am interested in designing/planning a new service (or two) for a public library setting. So I thought it a good idea to choose my own adventure in…public libraries! I am interested in public libraries as spaces of connection, and by connection, I understand it in […]

Mata Amritanandamayi: The Hugging Saint as a Servant-Leader (with Lessons for LIS Professionals)

In the summer of 2011, I met Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma, the “hugging saint” from India. I was completing my training as a Hatha Yoga instructor, and one of our teacher-training fieldtrips was a visit to Amma’s ashram in San Ramon, California. Amma was making one of her visits to California to give […]

Multicultural Spotlight: Trevor Noah

It is pretty amazing that a young man from South Africa is a successful comedian here in the USA. One thing that I know for sure is that Trevor Noah is a multicultural, a person whose identity is a blend of different cutlures–and in addition, he is a multiracial, someone whose racial background and identity […]