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  1. Wonderful! Packed with great information – it really makes clear how many terrific ideas we encountered in the course.

    • Dear Danielle (@dmasursky), I was inspired by our foundational readings but really strove to hit all the great highlights from this class. I had to force myself to edit down so that it would fit the structure of the infographic. It made me really focus on those takeaways that “sang” to me. Thanks for your positive feedback!- Veronica

  2. This looks like a professional brochure! I like that you provided so much information on the subtopics that you used. I especially like the modern libraries section where you spoke on how today’s library needs to do more to satisfy the needs of the user. Great job!

    • Dear Mikayla (@mikaylahabibi), The modern libraries section was my conclusion and call to action piece. Information has always been our “deliverable”. Now we must deliver it in new and creative ways to exceed customer expectations. Thank you for your lovely response! It brought a smile to my face! -V

  3. Hi Veronica! I love how you summarized important points from the course. This would be a great informative & inspirational brochure for library staff members to have. Thanks so much!

  4. @veronicamanthei, great job! Your chart is very professional and packed with pertinent information. I am so inspired by the takeaways of all of our peers. Thank you for sharing yours. Good luck with your educational and career endeavors. 🙂

    • @selatham I enjoyed the challenge of making it. I’ve had an incredible time with this class. The human hyperlinks have all been inspirational. Thanks for all your positive energy and good wishes. Likewise, I’m sure! 🙂 Bonne Chance!

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