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  1. Hi Mary,

    Your link worked fine. I found your proposal about linked data access within a library setting to be fascinating. In Metadata we learned at the very end of the class about linked data and how it could work within an library structure. The potential it presented was mind boggling to me. I enjoyed looking over you planning document and learning more about how linked data can be used to improve library patron experiences.

  2. Dana, thanks for taking a look at my long document! I am very excited about linked data’s potential. I was talking to my husband (tech guy) about if it were possible to do all those cool things someday: his response, “we used to think flying was impossible.” I guess anything (anythink?) is possible!

  3. Linked data is definitely the wave of the future I think. The Library of Congress is working on BIBFRAME now that would help incorporate linked data into libraries which would be amazing! Novelist Select also employs linked data in their plan, a wonderful addition to an already great database. Great technology plan!

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