Reflection post 2: Participatory service reflection

Participatory Culture May I start this post with the same sentence of my last: Is it possible to challenge one of the foundational assumptions of information science: that libraries are for users? As I read through the readings for this module (and the previous), I was again stuck with this foundational assumption: to quote Schneider […]

Book Review: Consent of the Networked

I’ve done a power point for my book review (see link below). Included in the power point is an explanation for why I picked this medium. I’ve asked lots of questions in the power point. . . would love to hear what people think. consentofthenetworked (Check out this defense of power point by WIRED magazine, […]

Library 2.0 (Reflection blog post part 2)

Link to part 1 Link to part 3 One of the appealing aspects of Library 2.0, from my perspective, is the focus on engaging and empowering the community (Casey & Savastinuk, 2007), and by community, I mean the user and the nonuser, what Casey & Savastinuk refer to as “the long tail” (p. 6). Buckland […]

Work in progress. . .

I come out of a Composition and Rhetoric background (and currently teach comp and critical thinking) and have always believed that writing is in a state of process (in class, we discuss “drafts”). One of the things I like about  blogging is that it feels very “in process” and not as formal as a “paper”. […]

Food and heat . . . notes on a weekend

It’s been a hot weekend. Took Saturday off of working and headed to wine country. But it was so hot, it was almost unbearable. Luckily, found a winery with a cool cave to cool off in. Got home and watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Really enjoyed it. And today I’ve been working […]

Why Bruce?

So, I thought I’d do my introductory post a bit differently this time (seems like I say the same boring, I’m from the East bay. . .  every time). So, I am a Bruce Springsteen fanatic and have been for a long time, but this passion is related to my interest in library science (have […]