The “Val” in “LibVal”

Hello! My name is Valerie. I am the creator of this blog and writer of these posts. I usually have a lot to say, but never enough to write. That being said, I thought I would write up a little write-up of myself. I was born and raised in California, and I was able to move to my California dream destination at the age of 25. I’m incredibly lucky and honored to be a member of the best community in the best state in the best country in the world. ┬áNow that I live where I want to live forever (fingers crossed that I live forever), I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Californian through and through. I grew up in a valley (I know, typical California valley girl), and I use vernacular such as “dude,” “stoked,” and “hella.” I do try to avoid slang in my writing, but it is definitely a part of who I am.

I went to college at Sacramento State University where I studied English and Anthropology. I decided to pursue librarianship because both of my majors continuously brought me back to the library. The library has always been a place that has brought me comfort. Then when I got into college it was the place where I could focus. In this program, I have found that libraries are more than I ever imagined. There is so much potential inherent/generated/foreseen in libraries. I cannot wait to step into the field and watch it evolve.

I have many interests, but most pertain to ingesting various media-TV, movies, YouTube videos, audiobooks, ebooks, books, graphic novels, board games, videogames, and magazines. I also like to cook and bake, but most of my creations are hit or miss. I enjoy singing and I infrequently attempt to play ukulele. I have a boyfriend and a dog, and they are, by far, the two most important men in my life; we have a lot of fun together. Anyway, that’s all I can really think to say about me today. I hope that you continue reading my blog, and you find my observations enjoyable? helpful? enlightening? You decide.

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