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This week when I was confronted with choosing my own adventure, I was at a loss. I live in a very small community in Mendocino County that has limited options for library work. There is a small branch of the county public library here. There are a few elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, but I do not have a cleared California teaching credential. And finally, there is an extension center here for the county community college. Ideally, I would work in a high school library. However, at this point in time, I do not have the time, money, or means to achieve a teaching credential.

Recently, I landed an interview for an assistant position at the public library. It isn’t until November so I have a few weeks to fret about it. I decided that following public librarianship for this module would be the most beneficial to me. However, as I began reading through the articles and watching the videos, so much of what I read and watched was about connectedness with the other institutions.

In the article 10 Facts About Americans and Public Libraries, the sixth fact reads “The public’s highest priorities for libraries center on kids and literacy.” Many Americans believe that partnering with local schools should be a priority for public libraries. Then in the YouTube video about the Hive @ Central, they discuss giving the young business entrepreneurs a place to gather, brainstorm, conduct meetings, and promote their businesses. While this does not directly mention academic libraries or college students, I believe that many students especially students working towards a business degree could benefit from library collaboration.

Then in the article titled Flip This Library: School Libraries Need a Revolution, Loertscher talks about creating physical and virtual spaces that make up a learning commons. A place where discussion, creativity, and networking are integral parts of the learning process. In every topic for this week, I read about how libraries don’t just need to change; they need to completely transform. Each library should serve the needs of its patrons, but libraries also need to rebrand! There needs to be a new continuity to our organizations. Public, school, and academic libraries need to work together to ensure we are achieving continuous progress. I like the way that Richardson puts it, “Everything we produce remains a work in progress, in ‘perpetual beta.’” If I end up getting the assistant job at the public library, I will make it my mission to work with my local school and academic libraries.

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