SJSU MLIS journey

My MLIS journey has been exciting, challenging and ultimately really rewarding. While I’m REALLY looking forward to graduating (it’s not happening for a while, says the part-time student), I’m already getting nostalgic for all the interesting conversations and scholarship that I’ve been lucky to witness and read during this journey.

In the midst of my MLIS journey, I’ve been loving my travels with my family. We went to Japan this summer (I should probably be taking summer courses, but summers off with the kids are the best!), and the experience of traveling with 8 family members really was life-changing. From the beautiful cultural heritage sites, to eating delicious food, to hearing my children learn the language, this trip really taught me that one way to understand your own culture is to visit another country and see the drastic differences and heart-warming similarities. Here are some pictures of the beautiful countryside, and my adventurous partners-in-travel.

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  1. Hi Swetta,

    I loved seeing your photos of the Japan trip this past summer. It sounds like you and your family learned so much together.

    It’s always awesome to be in classes with you! 🙂

  2. I am living vicariously through you for last summer Swetta! I haven’t had a summer in two years and I cannot wait for next summer when I’m finished with the program. Your kids are getting so big! My son is now a senior and it’s FREAKING me out. I cannot believe how fast they grow!

    • Oh Cheryl! So excited that you’ll be done soon! Wait, your son is a senior? Have I already noted that you look like you’re 20 years old? Amazing.

    • It WAS amazing. I can’t wait to go back. You’ll love it there! The history, the architecture and the culture will leave you inspired!

  3. Swetta, I also take summers off! We all need time and space for these profound thoughts to bounce around in our heads and our hearts. I find that by taking time off, I bring more energy to the table when I return. The one summer I took classes (before SJSU), I was simply drained for the fall semester.

    Japan is on my wishlist. I hope we hear more about your journeys.


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