Ahoy, classmates!

This in my introductory blog post.

Most of the previous classes I’ve taken through SJSU’s iSchool program focused on special collections, archives, preservation, and history of the book.  I was aiming to focus on special collections, as I work at such a library in a University setting.  This year, I changed my mind.  I was initially signing up for more classes on manuscripts, codicology, and digital archives but I stopped myself in order to gain some experience with more public-oriented services and programs.

I don’t know what kind of librarian I’ll be, though I suspect it will have to be wherever I can find a job, as the Bay Area is a bit over-saturated with MLIS graduates and it’s a tough market out there.

It’s public libraries I fell in love with in the first place, that inspired me to become a librarian before I even started my undergraduate studies.  So I’m looking to reignite that passion for public libraries, and learn about new tools and ways to connect and bring people together.

I’m looking forward to working with you all!


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  • Michael Stephens

    Nathan – Thanks for sharing the path that lead you to this class. Public libraries seem to be innovating in such interesting ways, I think you will find some good inspiration here. Welcome to #hyperlib!

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