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Some Thoughts…

I am excited about learning more about emerging trends in libraries. I have been a youth services and school librarian for the past twenty some years and have weathered the many changes in technology and digital information. I think it is an amazing time to be a librarian. Right now people need reliable sources of information and a librarian can stand firmly in the gap between fact and fiction. This is particularly important when awareness of false information appears to be subverting the public’s search for truth. In a blog on Adventures of Library Girl the author lays out the school librarian’s obligation to reiterate the evaluation of information as a 21st Century Skill. Again, in an editorial contained  in the current issue of School Library Journal, Rebecca Miller suggests “reinvesting energy and creativity” in teaching others to evaluate information in light of the recent developments in U.S. politics. The cover article of the same journal,  “The Smell Test: In the Era of Fake News, Librarians are Our Best Hope” Jacobson offers insight for jumping on the need for developing skills to help students fact check their information and offers amazing resources. This seems to illustrate trans formative thinking by looking forward and noticing what users of information need to counteract the onslaught of “alternative facts.”


  1. Dear Margaret,
    Thanks for the post and the link to the article on combating fake information.
    Information literacy is such an important tool in the age of information “flooding”. I plan on sharing the article with my coworkers. Keep on fighting the good fight! – V

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