Reflection on Reflective Practice – And Kindness

May 17, 2017

This might have been the most meaningful unit the whole semester for me. It came at a time when I really needed it. Thinking about ways to be more kind to myself, to others, and to patrons is a critical lesson that every librarian needs to learn and consider. “We go where we are needed and do what is necessary to serve those who come to us” (Stephens, 2014). This statement came at a great time for me. It is important to remain humble despite the fact that we are acquiring our MLIS degrees. Some of the greatest people in a library may have a high school diploma and could not or chose not to pursue anything beyond this. Remaining humble and appreciating all of the skills staff bring to the table is important, and not thinking of yourself above any task just because of your education or title should be the way we live our professional lives.

I am working on trying to find balance professionally. Mindfulness can extend into one’s work life which is always a great reminder. I have summarized my most notable takeaways in my symposium post but overall have found this class to be a way to center myself as I move into ePortfolio and ultimately to my completion of the MLIS program at SJSU.


Stephens, M. (2014). Reflective practice.

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