I am proposing adding a subscription to Biblionasium to our school library’s services for the 2017-18 school year. This program is a social, engaging, digital tool that fosters community and conversation about reading. It encourages students to take the lead in reader’s advisory. Adding this service allows our student patrons to access book reviews from their friends and teachers and publish their own recommendations. This hyperlinked service tool connects students to one another and aligns with district curriculum supporting book clubs, publishing content, and digital literacy.

New Participatory Tool Proposed:

Biblionasium is a Good Reads-like platform specifically designed for elementary aged students. Students and teachers can like, share, and create book lists and book reviews.

About the Library:

  • Elementary school library
  • 430 students, grades preschool – sixth
  • Title I


I will secure funding for and set up the Biblionasium program for the 2017-18 school year in order to engage students in peer to peer book recommendations in a digital and social way.


  • Students will give and receive book recommendations among peers
  • Students will experience a safe social network and practice digital citizenship
  • Students will feel engaged and empowered to see their reviews published

Description of Community you wish to engage:

Students at Hawthorne Elementary in grades 4-6

Action Brief Statement:

Convince students that by participating in Bilbionasium they will have fun sharing books which will lead to more reading because they will have so many new book recommendations from friends.

Evidence and Resources to support Technology or Service:

Mission, Guidelines, and Policy related to Technology or Service:

  • District Librarian and site Library Technician will collaborate on mission, guidelines, and policy
  • Site Library Technician will collaborate with teachers and Principal to create policy for use at school and any disciplinary issues we foresee
  • Site Library Technician and 4-6 grade teachers will work to set up guidelines for use to be presented during sequential library visits prior to launch

Funding Considerations for this Technology or Service: 

  • Subscription cost: $199/one year
  • Funds provided through TEACh Grant, Rotary Grant, or site funds

Action Steps & Timeline: 

  • April 2017 – District Librarian and site Principal approval
  • May 2017 – Secure funding through grant
  • June 2017 – Complete subscription with Biblionasium
  • July 2017 – Meet with District Librarian and Principal to set policies, mission, guidelines
  • August 2017 – Ensure all 4-6 grade students and teachers have accounts, begin presenting digital literacy lessons
  • September 2017 – Present Biblionasium to 4-6 grades
  • December 2017 – Meet with teachers, District Librarian, and Principal to review and assess

Staffing Considerations for this Technology or Service: 

No new staff will be needed

Training for this Technology or Service:

  • All trainings and meetings will happen within paid school hours
  • Site Library Technician will have 1-2 training sessions with staff during staff meeting
  • Site Library Technician, District Librarian, and Principal will meet 2-3 times between May-December 2017
  • Students will be trained during scheduled library times

Promotion & Marketing for this Technology or Service: 

  • Biblionasium will be primarily promoted in the library during scheduled times
  • Links will be included on the library catalog page and library blog
  • Teachers can also feature a link on their class website and Google Classroom
  • A link informing parents and families can be included in the school newsletter and on the school webpage
  • Students will be marketing it to each other by sharing lists and books, and by word of mouth


  • I anticipate that Biblionasium will have an admin page that allows me to monitor activity and my hope is the activity will be high, at least the first year we implement it
  • I hope to see measureable increases in the circulation of Biblionasium reviewed titles
  • I hope to see students searching for books in the library that their friends recommended, this may translate into an increase in holds and ILL requests
  • I hope to hear positive feedback from teachers and students about the interest in reading