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I too have been looking forward to taking a class with Dr. Stephens.  From viewing his lectures in other classes, and hearing about him from other students, he obviously knows and loves his subject and approaches it with enthusiasm and realness.   As I’ve mentioned in other intros, I am considering a switch to MARA, a decision which I will make after this semester comes to a close.  I don’t have enough information, really, about either side of the Information Science coin yet to really know, but I will know which is more aligned with my career goals once I have a few more classes under my belt.

My BA from 20 years ago was in English Literature because I knew going in that I wanted to be an English teacher, which I did do for three years.  After that, I moved to alternative education, where I played many roles supporting juvenile court and community school students throughout California.  For a variety of reasons, I decided to take a leave for a year, to travel and consider what my next career path would be.  The field of court schools can be all-encompassing and intense, so I knew I couldn’t see the next path clearly while I was entrenched in my work.

Fast-forward to now, this is my second semester in the program. Going into the MLIS, I knew that I wanted to work with the arts, artists, and/or a cultural organization in some way.  My dream job would be to work for UNESCO.  I’m interested in working internationally and would like to try for either Paris (where UNESCO is), Berlin (where Tactical Tech is), or in Amsterdam (which is museum-central).  I don’t think I even considered a public library, but I am open to anything.  Where I live now they have “Mediatheques” which are very cool multi-use spaces.  My favorite one nearby has regular library sections, and they also offer workshops, a large art gallery, and just across the path, a mid-sized performing arts center, which has a cafe/restaurant attached to it.  There is also outside green space and a park for the littles.

Looking forward to meeting and learning from each of you!

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  1. Hello Megan, I’ve never heard of a Mediatheque before, they do sound like a lof fun! It kind of sounds like a pop-up library/community center but with a variety of multimedia materials and uses?

    Taking time off sounds like it was a great call. It’s hard to self-reflect and make large decisions during a stressful time. Glad you’re enjoying your time so far in information science.

  2. Hi Megan,

    I enjoyed reading your post. It would be incredible to work for UNESCO – so many amazing historic sites as potential work places. I look forward to hearing your perspectives in the 287 class.

  3. @megan Glad you are in class! Because I coordinate all the 200 content and sections, a lot of students see me in those lectures. 🙂

    I hope this class helps you with your decision about which program to follow. Please feel free to customize the focus of all the assignments are to your areas of interest. That may help with the decision. Welcome to #hyperlib!

  4. Mediatheque… this sounds like something I need to investigate further!

    Sounds like you have an interesting career path ahead of you.

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