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Hello! I am looking forward to this course because I want to become more well-versed in the tools that librarians use to create a more hyperlinked experience for users. I am in my final semester of the MLIS program. I took a semester off last spring and I started in Winter 2016. I’ve done the program full time while also working full time for the San Francisco Unified School District as an administrator. I decided to do the MLIS program because I am interested in the variety of careers that the MLIS degree will allow me to access and I think it will be a good degree to have for any future career change that I may plot in the future. I am particularly interested in archive work and academic libraries. Last spring I moved to Little Rock, AK to do an MLIS internship at the Clinton Presidential Library where I worked as a NARA intern and did preservation work and FOIA processing. I am really interested in the intersection of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), federal records law, and technology. I am deeply interested in the kinds of questions that arise in the public sector around the balance of privacy and commitment to open access of records to the public.


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  1. Hi Mary! You and I have a similar interest in records law. In California we also have the Public Records Act, which is similar to FOIA and something I deal with in my capacity as a records manager. I bet AK was a lot different than San Francisco!

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