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The environment I chose to investigate farther is hyperlinked school libraries. As a teacher this is an area of interests to me. I also hope to continue to work in schools with children as a school library. Richardson (2016) discussed that schools and education in this country need to make some serious changes. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t feel that we properly prepare kids for life in the work force. He made the observation “that many kids don’t seem to have the dispositions, the self-determination, initiative, and networks to problem solve their way out of their dilemmas. They’re waiting for the answer, just like they did in school” (medium.com). I see this every day in my classroom. I have many students who cannot believe that I expect them to use their brains and think critically. Some will just sit there until they get the answer. Since I refuse to give it to them, they will either not do what is expected or look to a classmate for the answer. I am not sure how to solve this problem. If I did, then my students would be more prepared for junior high than many of them are. I do think that one thing that should be changed is the emphasis on school libraries. They should be valued and utilized more. With school funding continuously being decreased, school libraries are usually one of the first areas hit. My school does not even have a librarian. We have a part time aid who helps kids with check out. I don’t have a librarian I can ask for help on resources for my curriculum. I have to find that information myself. In order for kids to be prepared for college, careers, and just living in the world, they need to have technology, information literacy, and information-seeking skills. Teachers do not have the time nor resources to teach them these things. Librarians are a critical part of a school system and should be in every school. Loertscher (2008) describes one way school libraries can become more relevant today. He called his idea “school library learning commons”. This is not only a physical space, but a virtual one as well. He states “the main objective of the open commons is to showcase the school’s best teaching and learning practices” (slj.com). An experimental learning center is included which is “the center for professional development sessions and action research projects, where innovative ideas are presented and new technologies are tried out before being fanned out into the rest of the school” (slj.com). Through school libraries, students and educators can be hyperlinked to each other and outside their schools. I think once school libraries are valued among students, educators, communities, and legislators, kids today will be more prepared to be productive members of society.





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  1. @malexander77 I feel your pain about librarians being removed from schools. I live in Utah and several years ago, they did the same thing in all primary and secondary schools. There are now only library aides.

    While this doesn’t negate the frustration of not having a school librarian to rely on, I would guess your local public librarians would be thrilled to help. I work at a public library, and we are at our wits end trying to figure how to connect with teachers so we can better help their students. We’ve got all kinds of resources and are just jumping at the chance to share them with students. Working with school librarians would be a natural option, but of course, there aren’t any.

    Just something to try if you haven’t already thought of it.

  2. @malexander77 I hope your future role as a school librarian finds you in the center of what is happening at the school. The description you share of not having a librarian to consult as a teacher really addresses the need for change in this area. And the outcome you describe at the end is exactly what we want!

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