Reflective Practice & Course Wrap Up

I wish I had taken this course earlier on in the program because of the opportunity it provided me with to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I spent so much of the program looking at compartmentalized and hyper-specific portions of library and information science, taking courses that I thought would be “good” for experience but didn’t necessarily make me feel “good” about what I was doing. The Hyperlinked Library was both great for the professional experience and for my soul, reminding me about the importance of putting heart into what we love to do. It was a great reminder for me now that I’m one course and an e-portfolio away from being finished, of the excitement I had when I took my first class nearly three years ago, that I’ve managed to forget about along the way. So…maybe it IS a good thing I didn’t take the class earlier on. What a wonderful way to wrap up!

It also took me out of my comfortable little silo I’ve been working in for years and showed me a lot about things we COULD be doing and things we are doing now but could be actively trying to improve…instead of leaving things as they are. Michael Stephens’ (2014) article, Always Doesn’t Live Here Anymore speaks to the importance of this and I’ve certainly felt bogged down by endless committee meetings and waiting on decisions. Making “good, rapid decisions, based on evidence, experience, and a view of the big picture” is an important takeaway from the course overall–to take risks, to not be afraid to fail, to try.

The course has even prepared me with tools to help get new ideas implemented (Director’s Brief, Emerging Technology Planning) and sparked enthusiasm I don’t think I previously had to help start discussions about changing our practices for the better of the communities we serve. I was never resistant to change before, but now that I’ve seen all that’s being done in libraries in the wide world around us, I’m excited to embrace it.

6 thoughts on “Reflective Practice & Course Wrap Up

  1. @eglybrand I think you hit the nail on the head about taking strictly practical courses but not necessarily courses that make us feel good or affirm our motivations. I couldn’t quite put it into words at the Saturday meet up but I think this course is definitely that, sort of a palette cleanser and reminder of our emotional responsibilities.

    So happy to hear that you’ve made it through the program and I wish you all the best in your next steps!


    • Thank you @katygo ! It was great to talk to you on Saturday. A palette cleanser for sure—one I think that will keep us all going for a long while! 🙂 Best of luck to you during the rest of your program!

  2. I am so glad I took this as my 3rd course into the program ( if you count INFO 203, the one credit course that we all have to take) I agree with you that the course fed my mind and my soul at once!

  3. Erin, I completely agree. I love that this course promoted connectedness, human-ness, and wholeness. It really is a great way to bring everything we have learned into perspective. We are going into a service profession and this course really bring the patrons to the forefront. I wish you all the best as you finish up. Bravo.

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