#Hyperlib Symposium

I may be the one of the few people left that haven’t used or created Word Clouds before. I thought that taking a look back at my blog entries and assignments through the use of word clouds would be an interesting way to highlight themes, concepts, and my understanding of The Hyperlinked Library. I used Powtoon and Word Clouds to put the video (or slideshow! Your choice as the viewer!) together. I really enjoyed the opportunity to look back at my work in a different way!

Viewing Notes:

Powtoon works well in Google Chrome but I could not get it to work in Mozilla Firefox.

The presentation also has background music, if you like to listen while you read/watch.

My Hyperlinked Symposium

6 thoughts on “#Hyperlib Symposium

  1. @eglybrand Very cool! I like that you used several word clouds to highlight your takeaways from each assignment. I like this assignment in general because we’re usually so focused on the task at hand that it’s sometimes hard to make the connections between module. I think this assignment, and your take on it, in particular, achieve that well. Hope to see you around in future classes!


    • Thanks, @katygo! I can’t agree more re: liking this assignment as an opportunity to take a step back and see how everything works together.

  2. That was a great way to showcase your takeaways Erin. It is so interesting to see the word cloud representations of the blog posts – seeing patterns and connecting the dots. The variety of word clouds is super creative. Love it. I also like the way you used PowToons – I haven’t seen it used that way and I like it! Great work.

    • @mheadrick Thank you, Michelle! I’ve never used PowToons before and I’d started out trying an entirely different project with a little talking head cartoon. I couldn’t quite capture what I wanted to express and being unfamiliar with the application, I struggled at first! I was glad to come up with a new idea and figure out what worked well for me.

  3. @eglybrand PowToon is so cool. Love your presentation, the music, and all the important thoughts you have shared from your perspective! Great job. 🙂

    • Thank you, @selatham! PowToon was fun! I really need to save the list of all of the neat tools folks have used to put their presentations together!

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