Hylib. Symposium

Hello Everyone,

This has been an amazing journey for me.  I had a few challenges along the way, but I was given the help I needed to do better.  I am grateful for that.

I enjoyed learning about the Hyperlinked Library, Hyperlinked Communities and Environments.  I received a ton a valuable and insightful information from reading your posts.  Thank you.  Please click on the link to join Secret Agent Change on his mission.



Also please view the link below for additional insights on my reflection.



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  1. Profile photo of Sara Latham
    May 16, 2017 @ 16:55:24

    Okay, this was so fun! I laughed at the “innohater.” Hysterical and interesting presentation. The music is stuck in my head. It is so funny!! Thanks for sharing your takeaways. 🙂


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